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dataroomHQ is the fastest way to view your operational metrics and to see the story behind the data

We believe

“Only 13% of organizations identify [business] performance issues before they hit financials, while 81% of organizations take too long to remediate [business] performance issues.” - Gartner


Automate what can be automated. The most valuable companies in the world embrace an "automation first" mindset. This means that the very best employees in the world seek ways to automate the things capable of being automated.


GAAP Accounting was created after the Stock Market Crash in 1929. While the principle of standardization and consistency make sense, the methodologies were established pre-internet before SaaS companies existed. There needs to be a new standardization for SaaS companies that is not GAAP, to finally have the source of truth everyone wants.


Through automation and standardization, Finance and RevOps teams can refocus their efforts on utilizing the power of AI-powered analytics to impact the business. To do that, they need the appropriate software to compliment their skillets. 

Get to know dataroomHQ

dataroomHQ was founded in 2021. Our mission is to create a singular view for SaaS companies of their operational metrics.
This will allow companies to:

reduce the time dedicated to preparing for board meetings 

see patterns in their revenue and efficiency metrics as they emerge

analyze their metrics like future investors will

allow finance and operations teams to focus on advising the business instead of reporting tasks

Our CEO & Founder

Jeff Schwartz
dataroomHQ CEO and founder Jeff Schwartz

While most elementary school students have ambitions of becoming a professional athlete, an actor, or a doctor, Jeff’s love of math and statistics surfaced early and he declared he wanted to be an actuary at a young age.  After studying Economics and Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University he began his career at Travelers Insurance. This led him to take on roles in analytics and data science at Travelers, JP Morgan, and AIG.  


Prior to founding dataroomHQ, Jeff was an early employee at DataRobot where he spent 5 years working across Finance, Operations, and Analytics helping the team raise over $750 million in capital.  His passion is bridging the gap between the business and analytical worlds of a company to optimize through objective decision making. Immersion in the full business is the only way to achieve this, and automation of tedious activities is the foundation of that immersion.

Outside of work, Jeff has quite the obsession with iced coffee, loves dogs, and is a fan of some very disappointing professional sports teams.

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