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The All-In-One FP&A platform for SaaS Companies

Through automation and AI/ML we have enabled forward thinking FP&A departments to mature into Strategic Finance....


A trusted partner to the business

Automated Metric Reporting 

Automatically get all of your most important SaaS metrics calculated  and visualized.  No more time in spreadsheets building formulas over and over again.

Out of the box Machine Learning for FP&A

What is driving each operational metric?  Is it a region, industry, or certain characteristics of your customer base.  We automatically use AI/ML to inform you of what is driven EVERY metric over EVERY time period.  

Board  Decks

Board decks have been a manual process for too long.  With one click of a button, you can have a board deck with your metrics and graphs populated and sent to you.

Business Planning

It shouldn't take months to integrate a system to be able to do business planning.  Build a full business plan for your SaaS business within hours.

AI Driven Forecasting

Stop being prepared just for the next quarter.  Using AI see where your business will be in one year.


Ask questions, comment, and collaborate on the business plans, metric reports, and automated insights to drive strategy


Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

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