The Source of Truth for SaaS Operational Metrics

Companies struggle to agree on the source of truth for operational metrics which is where                                   comes in 


Be Confident Going Into Your Next Capital Raise

You have put your sweat into building a company.  You now deserve to receive a fair deal for your hard work.  Get ahead by being prepared and confident in knowing the true value of your company.  

Automated Report Card

Get a full report card on how an investor will analyze and measure your business.  Easily be able to showcase the good, while prepared to talk about areas investors will dig deeper into.

Board and Fundraising Decks

Board decks have been a manual process for too long.  With one click of a button, you can have a board deck with your metrics populated.

Risk Score

Consumers can see their credit score and what is driving it before getting a loan or credit card.  Why can't your company prior to raising capital?

Real Time Board Metric Tracking

At all times see where the metrics that matter stand with our automated real time metric tracker

AI Driven Forecasting

Stop being prepared just for the next quarter.  Using AI see where your business will be in one year.

'What If' Analysis

If you change X in your business how will it impact each metric.  Do scenario testing with our "What If" Analyzer.


Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?