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The Platform Trusted by

INVESTORS to evaluate companies and

COMPANIES to report & analyze their metrics

dataroomHQ is the first AI-powered tool enabling venture capital and SaaS companies alike to assess business performance. Unlock insights for smarter investment decisions and uncover opportunities for efficient growth, all in one place.

Your data, our AI. The whole story.

Integrate revenue and expense data

Receive AI-powered metrics and analysis, instantly

For Investors

Data to investment decisions: simplified

dataroomHQ enables VCs to analyze investments within minutes. Create cohort analyses, automate Excel reporting, and streamline investment memos – to reveal the inner workings of each deal, in a couple clicks.

dataroomHQ knows what VCs are looking for. Translate your company’s data into insights for more efficient fundraising. Automate reporting and analytics, and free up your team to focus on what matters most – closing your next round.

Get fundraise ready in 2 minutes. 

For Companies

The AI partner for finance teams 

Empowering VCs, C-Suite, and analysts to make smarter decisions through a singular view of the most important metrics. 

Data Prep

Use AI prompts to get the data you’re looking for. 


Get the full story behind the data. Generate insights to understand how each area of business is performing.


View your business through the lens of an investor. Automate manual, time-consuming reporting tasks so your team can focus on strategy instead.  

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Automate Reporting in Minutes

Connect your data to see how well your business is working

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