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dataroomHQ Launches Free Forecast and Headcount Planning Offering

Part of AI-powered platform, new planning tool leverages leading indicators to help SaaS companies optimize forecast and headcount planning, while preparing for every future scenario 

March 20, 2024 – New York – dataroomHQ, which provides the blueprint for efficient growth, today announced the launch of dataroomHQ Planning, a new offering within its AI-powered platform that empowers SaaS companies to understand what their operating plan will look like based on leading indicators and compare different scenarios of their operating plans. This free offering provides business leaders with a deeper understanding of their full financial plan so they can move faster while enabling them to reach sustainable growth. 

It is no secret that many startups fail. It is also no secret that 2023 was a tough year for SaaS.  Pitchbook recently reported that more than 3,200 private venture-backed US startups that collectively raised $27.2B went out of business last year. Companies are suffering from an inability to create flexible strategic plans that are actionable based on leading indicators – this is where dataroomHQ Planning comes in.

Earlier this year, dataroomHQ launched its AI-powered platform, which provides a unified view for SaaS companies, enabling decision makers to access and interpret key trends and metrics, along with strategies for optimization. dataroomHQ Planning, a solution within the dataroomHQ Platform, is designed to solve for forecasting challenges, helping organizations prepare for every future scenario by generating forecast and headcount planning alongside historical metrics.

"Creating a flexible operating plan based on leading indicators enables companies to proactively manage their business, and it’s critical that every SaaS company has the ability to do this,” said Jeff Schwartz, CEO of dataroomHQ. “In the face of a difficult macroeconomic landscape and with many companies going out of business in 2023, dataroomHQ is proud to provide a free tool that enables as many SaaS companies as possible to succeed in 2024 and beyond.” 

SaaS leaders can use dataroomHQ Planning to: 

  • Generate an overall summary to view important operational metrics for your business driven by leading indicators such as Opportunities Created, Average Deal Sizes, and Win Rates Over Time

  • Compare up to three scenarios of your operating plan including an Aggressive, Base Case, and Pessimistic View

  • Create a plan in multiple ways, including by Rep Productivity, Opportunity Creation, and Top Down

  • Automate presentations and export charts to easily showcase plans to the leadership team, board, and investors

“Jeff and dataroomHQ have engineered a powerful methodology for founders to build and run their companies, which includes demand forecasting, burn management, and placing strategic bets for growth,” said Jeremy Achin, General Partner at Cortical Ventures. “We encourage all our companies to use dataroomHQ and work with Jeff.”

Get started with dataroomHQ Planning for free today: 

About dataroomHQ

dataroomHQ provides the blueprint for efficient growth, allowing SaaS companies to do more with less. Its platform delivers a single source of truth for all operational metrics, allowing business leaders to automate reporting, identify the best customers, prepare for capital raises, and use ML-powered predictions to optimize for the future. The company is on a mission to help SaaS companies efficiently grow their business. Learn more at


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