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Unleashing the Future of Efficient Growth: dataroomHQ Raises $3.5 Million to Transform SaaS Operational Metrics

Backed by investors in Airtable, Lyft, Palantir, and Ternary, the dataroomHQ AI-powered platform uncovers the “why” of operational metrics to help SaaS companies grow profitably

February 6, 2024 – New York – dataroomHQ, which provides the blueprint for efficient growth, today unveiled its AI-powered platform which increases insight into operational metrics for SaaS companies, allowing CEOs, CFOs, and GTM Analytics teams to automate reporting, improve customer retention and other SaaS metrics, prepare for capital raises, and plan for the future. The company also announced the close of a strategic $3.5 million funding round led by Oceans and Bling Capital, with Garuda Ventures, Cortical Ventures, and others joining the round. The new round followed an initial pre-seed investment from Cortical Ventures at company inception.

In recent years, the SaaS sector has evolved from prioritizing rapid growth to focusing on efficient growth, balancing revenue increase with cost reduction. Achieving this requires an understanding of operational and financial metrics and predictive analytics to understand underlying reasons. However, many organizations lack this insight, resulting in fragmented decision-making and cumbersome reporting. To combat this, dataroomHQ offers a unified platform for SaaS companies, enabling decision-makers to access and interpret key trends and metrics, along with strategies for optimization.

“Having worked with startup leaders and in high growth environments, I know first-hand how challenging it is to have true visibility across all the functions of a business,” said Jeff Schwartz, CEO & Founder of dataroomHQ. “That’s why I founded dataroomHQ – to provide SaaS companies with a single source of truth for their metrics along with blueprints for how to optimize them so they can achieve efficient growth. We have proven that the market needs a platform like ours, and our capital raise will support us in our next stage of growth.”

“As SaaS companies shift toward becoming more efficient, organizations need a clear and easy way to understand the key drivers of the business, the cohorts that are leading to the most profitable revenue growth and those that are not working,” said Sara Barek, Managing Director and Founding Team Member, Oceans. “Most pre-IPO companies do not have a consistent and streamlined way for their organization to manage financial and key operational drivers of the business. dataroomHQ, with its strong vision, technology, and leadership, will become the most important platform for the executive and operational leaders of your company.” 

The dataroomHQ platform is powered by AI to automate reporting and build predictive models for the most important SaaS operational metrics. Features include: 

  • Automated metrics reporting: save time and ensure accuracy for the most critical operational metrics to get the central source of truth and align stakeholders, and automate all board, investor, and stakeholder presentations

  • Analysis of operational metrics: use AI to make faster decisions 

  • Experimentation of sales and marketing and product features: determine if there is product market fit and see what improves customer retention

  • Generation of forecast and headcount planning: prepare for every future scenario and see how each lever impacts the output

“When we evaluate potential investments, metrics from cohort analysis are important because they provide us early insights on whether the product is working. dataroomHQ automates the exact analysis we would do to analyze these companies,” said Kyle Lui, General Partner of Bling Capital.

In addition to Oceans and Bling Capital, the round included investments from Garuda Ventures, Cortical Ventures, b5 Capital, Divide By Zero, and CRV Scout. dataroomHQ used early capital from Cortical Ventures to build out its platform, and will use the latest round to continue this development as well as bring the platform to the market.

“While changes in technology have dramatically changed everything from art to healthcare over the last several years, the irony is that most companies can’t even agree internally on their key business metrics like retention,” said Arpan Punyani, Co-Founder and General Partner, Garuda Ventures. “You can’t optimize the future if you can’t agree on the reality of today. With a background in finance, ML and data science, Jeff is uniquely qualified to revolutionize the way organizations not only ground on their data, but also how they act on it to optimize for the future with AI.”


dataroomHQ is available now. To learn more about the platform or to request a demo, visit

About dataroomHQ

dataroomHQ provides the blueprint for efficient growth, allowing SaaS companies to do more with less. Its platform delivers a single source of truth for all operational metrics, allowing business leaders to automate reporting, identify the best customers, prepare for capital raises, and use ML-powered predictions to optimize for the future. The company is on a mission to help SaaS companies efficiently grow their business. Learn more at


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