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Build a Rep Productivity Plan in 5 Minutes with dataroomHQ Planning

In dataroomHQ Planning:

Step 1: Upload headcount data to your Library via our .csv template

Complete your department and quota category allocations.

Step 2: Upload non-headcount data to your Library via our .csv template

Step 3: Select "Capacity Planning", give your plan a name and select the data you added to your Library

The department allocations you made when importing data to your Library will carry over.

Step 4: Add miscellaneous assumptions (i.e. starting cash balance details, planned fundraise details if applicable, anticipated employee attrition %, etc.)

After adding miscellaneous assumptions, you can then view all of your expense metrics.

Step 5: Add your capacity inputs (i.e. starting ARR, starting customers, Net Retention assumption, Gross Retention assumption and GAAP amoritization)

After adding these details, you can then view all of your capacity metrics.

After creating a rep productivity (aka capacity) plan you can:

  • Review your overall business metrics utilizing your headcount data, quota capacity inputs and assumptions.

  • Compare 3 plans to see how changes to headcount, quota attainment and rep ramp time impact your metrics.

  • Copy a plan to easily tweak assumptions to experiment with impacts to your metrics. For example, "what would happen if my Gross Retention increased to 98%?".


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