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Salesforce to Operational Metrics to Board Deck in 150 seconds

💤 Are you tired of navigating through disparate data sources just to get a glimpse of your company's true operational performance?

🤯 Do conflicting figures on critical metrics like Net $ Retention, Logo Retention, CAC, and ARR plague your internal discussions, turning meetings into debates on data accuracy rather than strategic planning?

🚀 At dataroomHQ, we firmly believe every company should have their very own Operational Command Center. Not months from today, but today.

Witness first hand below how in 150 seconds, you can go from Salesforce (or HubSpot, Zuora, or Stripe) to Operational Metrics to Board Decks.

Step 1: Connect to Salesforce via our integration.

Step 2: Use our SmartETL to map the 5 fields we need from your data.

Step 3: Add any other variables of interest to you from the Salesforce pick list.

You can then view the raw data from Salesforce, and how dataroomHQ has transformed it to ARR by customer.

Step 4: Create a "Project" and connect Salesforce (and any other data sources).

You can then see all of your operational metrics, and filter by any of the variables you selected from your Salesforce environment! Graph any of the metrics you would like and compare, even view your cohort analysis.

Step 5: Enter any metric targets (or connect to our Planning module).

Review your full monthly report/board deck in PowerPoint or PDF form!


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